What makes tampa bay special?

The Tampa Bay region is best known for its beautiful Gulf Coast beaches, world-class theme parks, 3 professional sports teams, and a year-round warm and humid climate, including many intense thunderstorms in summer. Before becoming president, Teddy Roosevelt led a tough group of soldiers known as the Rough Riders such as the United States, prepared to wage war against Spain in the late 1890s. Roosevelt and the rest of the invading force set sail from Tampa Bay to Havana, in a straight shot 300 miles to the south. In the run-up to the war, Roosevelt and the rest of the military leaders established their headquarters at the elaborate Moorish-style Tampa Bay Hotel, whose silver minarets remain an iconic feature of the Tampa Bay skyline.

The hotel is now Plant Hall and houses the administrative offices of the University of Tampa. But you can still wander around the expansive terrace and explore the museum dedicated to Henry Plant, the Golden Age railroad tycoon who helped put Tampa Bay on the map. As the story goes, Hank Ballard, the man who wrote the hit song Chubby Checker, was inspired to see African-American teenagers dancing on Central Avenue during its heyday in the 1950s. The Twist was the B-side of their album, but it quickly became a national sensation when Checker performed it on American Bandstand.

And a dance craze was born. You'll find a sculpture commemorating Ballard and “The Twist” at the entrance of Perry Harvey Sr. These are our favorite things we learned about Great Guava. Yes, many of the neighborhoods are large and car-centric.

But there are also a lot of walkable areas, especially in Tampa. Within Florida, rates in Tampa and other major cities are considerably higher than in smaller cities due to higher accident and theft rates. By Julie Landry Laviolette For families traveling with a child on the autism spectrum or with special needs, Tampa Bay, Florida. The bay's water quality was seriously degraded in the early 1980s, leading to a sharp decline in marine life and a decline in availability for recreational use.

These cultures relied heavily on Tampa Bay for food, and the waters were rich enough to be one of the few Native American cultures that didn't have to cultivate. For example, in 2004, a leak of 65 million gallons of acidic water from a Cargill phosphate plant on the south coast of the bay severely affected wetlands near the spill. For example, Magic Mike was loosely based on actor Channing Tatum's real-life experiences as a stripper in the Tampa area. More bridges crossed Tampa Bay over the next few decades, making travel between surrounding communities much faster and promoting the economic development of the Tampa Bay Area.

Sit back, have a refreshing tropical drink, and read on to get a local feel for what life is really like in Tampa Bay, from the facts to the fun stuff. Food is made with local ingredients from Florida's waters and land, and the in-house brewery offers another level of Tampa Bay flavor. Especially in winter and spring, Tampa Bay is teeming with Florida's official marine mammals. Pete-Clearwater International Airport was established on opposite sides of Old Tampa Bay, and MacDill Air Force Base opened at the southern end of Tampa's Interbay Peninsula.

From downtown, a yellow streetcar heads to Ybor City, Tampa Bay's historic Cuban neighborhood, where lively nightlife and historic restaurants line brick streets. Park Commemorates Cuban Poet and Revolutionary José Martí Who Survived an Assassination Attempt in Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay has a long and colorful history (longing for Florida, anyway), much of it is waiting for you to discover it. .