Does tampa have better beaches than miami?

Our Beaches Are Better Tampa beaches have access to the bay, while Miami beaches are the Atlantic Ocean. Miami and Tampa are good options for a beach vacation. A lot of people head to Miami to enjoy the beach. If you're looking for long sandy beaches, luxury yacht clubs and elegant restaurants, the area's beaches have them all.

Despite being in the same state, Miami's temperature and humidity levels exceed those in Tampa. The average high temperatures in Miami reach 87 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average for the year is usually around 77.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Rain peaks in June and September, and the hurricane season lasts from June to the end of November. The cost of living is cheaper in Tampa than in Miami.

Nearly everything in Tampa is more reasonable. Even grocery stores are cheaper in Tampa than in Miami. All beaches have soft white sand and the warm, calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. So the decision really comes down to location and nearby amenities.

If you're looking for a full-service beach with cabins, restaurants, water sports, and entertainment, the ever-popular Clearwater Beach is a good option. A favorite of spring break lovers, it's the center of all the action and is home to Pier 60, which hosts a sunset festival every day. Skye says, “Don't leave Tampa without exploring the downtown waterfront, people-watching in the historic city of Ybor, and trying the best Cuban food you can find outside of Cuba. Some of the best seafood restaurants in the Tampa Bay area can be found in Clearwater Beach, including two versions of the region's favorite, Frenchy's.

Pete Beach is another area beach that often ranks among the best beach lists in the world. Due to the pleasant seasonal climate, many people from the northern states retreat to cities like Tampa in search of relief from snow and cold temperatures. While there are some neighborhoods that are considered walkable, you really need a car if you hope to explore Tampa in depth. While Tampa doesn't have the same non-stop pace as Miami's cultural scene, there are countless ways to live a lively and healthy lifestyle in this busy city.

From downtown Tampa, you're a half-hour drive from not one, not two, but a dozen of the world's most beautiful stretches of sand. While Tampa is geographically much larger than Miami, there are nearly 80,000 more people living in Miami. Nor can you just consider Tampa, it really is more the Tampa Bay AREA because you could live in St Pete on the beaches. Since both jobs offer equal pay, I'll tell you that your money will also go a little further in Tampa.

More things to do in Miami and just an hour from the Keys, ~3 hours from Key West (and Tampa for that matter). If you're in the mood for peace and quiet, perhaps a beach in a more natural setting without condominiums or manicured sand, there are options for you too. Fred Howard Park is a popular beach and nature preserve located at the northern end of the Tampa Bay Barrier Islands. If you're looking for a quiet, family-friendly beach in Tampa Bay, explore Sand Key Park, south of Clearwater.