Is tampa the same as tampa bay?

While you may have heard that Tampa and Tampa Bay are used interchangeably, there is a little different you should know that Tampa is the largest city in the greater Tampa Bay metropolitan area, and the entire metropolitan area consists of Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and the four surrounding counties. Our editors will review what you submitted and determine if they should review the article. The Port of Tampa is the State's Largest Deepwater Port.

Phosphates (an early economic factor) and citrus fruits account for much of the port's exports, while imports include oil, coal and steel. In addition to the port, the international airport and the network of railroads and highways make Tampa the regional center of commerce and distribution. The city's economy is well-diversified; other important factors include insurance and financial services, manufacturing (especially medical products, fertilizers, electronics, and clothing), high-tech industries, and tourism. MacDill Air Force Base, on a peninsula at the southernmost tip of the city, is another important part of the economy.

Agriculture in the region includes strawberries, tomatoes, ornamentals, citrus fruits, beef, poultry and dairy products. The Tampa Bay area is a popular place for retirees. Tampa was the embarkation point (189) for troops bound for Cuba, including those of Theodore Roosevelt, during the Spanish-American War. As their names indicate, these teams, in addition to several other sports teams, represent the entire Tampa metropolitan area.

The Port of Tampa is the year-round home port for Carnival Cruise Lines' MS Carnival Paradise and, depending on the season, MS Carnival Pride. The area was home to many old Florida State League teams that no longer exist, most notably the Tampa Smokers, St. Tampa has a diverse culinary scene, from small cafes and bakeries to bistros and farm-to-table restaurants. Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority (TBARTA) Develops Bus, Light Rail and Other Transportation Options for the Tampa Bay Area.

The incredibly vibrant and active downtown Tampa neighborhood is located in the heart of Tampa, Florida, one of the five most popular and. Hyde Park, near the University of Tampa, is walkable and is one of Tampa's best neighborhoods for families thanks to its quiet tree-lined streets, pretty bungalows, and brick sidewalks. Average temperatures drop gradually starting in September, and average daily rainfall amounts also decline as fall progresses; November is often Tampa's driest month. The Tampa Bay Rowdies compete in the United Soccer League Championship after spending their first 6 seasons in the North American Soccer League.

Seafood is very popular in Tampa, and Greek cuisine is prominent in the area, including around Tarpon Springs. The Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority (TBARTA) was formed to develop bus, express transit and other transportation options for the region. Every February, the Florida State Fair draws crowds from across the state, while the Holiday celebrates the heritage of Cuban, Spanish, German, Italian, English, Irish, Jewish and Afro-Cuban immigrants from Tampa. Tampa Bay is also the location of three major military installations, MacDill Air Force Base, Clearwater Coast Guard Air Station and St.

The region also has a large number of well-trained medical professionals, close to 53,000 nurses and more than 9,200 doctors (including physician assistants). ) provide care to Tampa Bay residents and visitors every year. .