Why is tampa so amazing?

Florida's excellent position along the East Coast gives you a selection of great beaches. Tampa and Sunshine are practically synonymous. The city experiences an average of 246 days of sunshine per year, which is more than a month of days (41 to be exact) higher than the national average. The BayCare Health System in the Tampa Bay Area, for example, operates 14 hospitals and hundreds of specialty clinics, including care for sleep disorders, behavioral health diagnoses, wounds, and more.

It houses 4 theatres, 3 restaurants and a café. The Straz offers award-winning programs that bring the arts to underserved children in area schools and operates the Patel Conservatory Performing Arts School. There's no denying the fact that, from June to November, Tampa sees a lot of bad weather. It usually doesn't last long, but flooding can be a problem.

So is the wind that sometimes blows in the Gulf of Mexico, which can be dangerous and sometimes deadly. Good news is that, thanks to our location, hurricanes don't usually hit Tampa directly. That said, from June to November, it's a good idea to keep a close eye on the weather. Whether you need to travel for business or pleasure, Tampa is a great place to move.

It is a major travel hub in the Gulf area that allows people to travel around the world on both planes and cruises. When you move to Tampa, FL, you'll find that Tampa International Airport is less than an hour away and offers flights from a variety of airlines to a variety of destinations. No matter the flights, cruise ships are only half an hour away for the ultimate cruise vacation. Moving to Tampa from a smaller neighborhood in another state, you may find that there is more diversity in Tampa than in your previous neighborhood.

And Tampa's cost of living is falling, making it even more affordable for you to plant your roots here. Tampa can be a challenge for commuters, especially those working on different sides of the bridge that separates Tampa from St. Named after Jose Gaspar, an utterly mythical pirate known as “the last of the buccaneers,” Gasparilla has been attracting party goers ever since a newspaper columnist and city promoter conspired to create the celebration in 1904 as a way to promote Tampa. Whether you're looking for a charming, old-fashioned neighborhood, a sleek, ultra-modern skyscraper, or something in between, you'll find your dream home in Tampa or one of its suburbs.

Baseball fans would also like to know that they can visit the Tampa Baseball Museum in the childhood home of Hall of Famer Al Lopez. The fact is that many families move to Tampa in search of irresistible jobs, even if that means earning less than they could earn in cities like Austin, Texas. The Ybor City Saturday Market, The Tampa Indie Flea and Big Top Flea Market offer the opportunity to shop locally and support small business entrepreneurs. When you move to Tampa and become a resident, you won't have to pay income taxes, inheritance taxes, or estate taxes.

Local amenities, such as grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, and parks, are within walking distance or a short drive for most Tampa residents. Around 400,000 spectators gather to grab beads and watch this cloak and sword parade along Bayshore Boulevard and through downtown Tampa. Watch a Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL) game on the big screen while sipping on a Dirty Harry Martini, Lightning Lemonade or Apple Jack at one of the best sports bars in downtown Tampa, Hattrics Tavern. Whether you enjoy bungalows, ranches, or apartments and duplexes, there are plenty of reasonably priced housing options available in Tampa.

Tampa is also home to the best new craft breweries, with Cigar City Brewing leading the rest. .